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Close to town

My husband and I stayed Magnolia Mountain Cottage in Prescott for 4 nights in July with our dog. It is a cute little bungalow located close to the town center. Thank you Guy for helping us fix the direct TV when we first got there. The evap system did a good job of keeping the house cool it was warm while we were there and it kept us comfortable.

I thought the booking process included a lot of paperwork and much of it was redundant and not necessary.

The list of things to do and places to eat is a nice addition to the usual searches on yelp or trip advisor. Be aware that some of the places that say they are across the street are really down the street (and a fair-sized hill) and across another street. What is actually across the street is a large trash dumpster that belongs to the school that is next to the house. So, if you are sitting on the front porch that is your view.

The kitchen was well stocked.


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